Web Design & Development

We help our clients to build their website according to their business nature and personal preferences with the aid of our professional views. Our design is responsive and optimised for best view on desktop, tablets, and smart-phones.


There are mainly two types of websites:

  • Display website
  • E-commerce website

Website Maintenance & Security

Security in the cyberworld has always been our priority and concern. Website security ensures website data is not exposed to cybercriminals or to prevent exploitation of websites in any way. We want to make our clients rest assured with our service and focus on their business.

Wechat Account Set Up & Maintenance

Wechat is the most popular apps in China. The consolidated monthly active users of Wechat and Weixin exceeded 1 billion in 2018. We help you to set up and maintain Wechat official account to enter China market and reach broader user base from all over the world.


There are two types of Wechat official accounts:

  • Service account
  • Subscription account

System Customization

We offer the service in design and develop custom system based on customer’s requirement.

App Development

According to a study conducted in 2016, retailers with mobile apps are able to have higher conversion rates and generate over 54% on average more transactions than mobile browsers and desktop. There are mainly 3 types of apps: HTML5 mobile apps, Hybrid mobile apps and Native apps.

Digital Marketing

By using effective digital marketing strategy, you may increase your business visibility to your potential clients. We help you to remain ahead of your competitors.

Latest Work


Step to Buy Product

For website and ecommerce, we run with template:
1) Choose display website or ecommerce
  • Display Website
  • Display Website with Graphic Design
2) Go to “To Visit More” to choose the template.
3) Add to Cart.
4) In the “Checkout Page”, write down the template name and graphic design in the “Additional Information” column.
4) Then, fill in billing details and make payment.
5) If have any problem, can contact us.


Other: For customer who need us to customize a new template can directly contact us. Thank you.

About Us

Established in 2014, Vosme International has positioned itself as a one-stop solutions provider in the market to help our clients to solve their problems and take our clients’ business to another level.
We offer a wide range of services from web design and development, mobile apps design and development, system customisation, digital marketing, Wechat official account set-up to intellectual property organisation.
We collaborate closely with our clients, listen attentively to their problems, understanding their needs at our best and providing effective solutions.
At Vosme International, we are very passionate to help our clients to optimise processes through ideas and digital innovations.
We are eager to transform complex business processes into innovative and efficient systems, programs, software or other IT solutions that suit well in this digital era. Our result helps our clients in lowering operation costs, delivering services more time-efficiently, improving accuracy, thus enhancing their focus on core business activities and customer needs.
Characterised by honesty and reliability, we promise to deliver our services with the best quality and reasonable price.
We not only add brilliance to your splendour, we are devoted to revolutionising your business to take on a brand new aspect.

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